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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the next few hours and there you see a line of thunderstorms off to our west with a history of being severe. so again, the damaging winds, that will be an issue tonight. the thunderstorm watch is up for most of the area until 7:00 tonight. all the counties shaded in pink here. this basically means with any strong storms we could see 60 mile an hour winds, lightning, heavy rain briefly because they are moving pretty quickly and the potential for hail. aside from that temperatures are in about the mid 90s through most of the area near 90 degrees north and west. this weather right now, the heat and humidity will be helping to fuel the thunderstorms. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz shows us a different view of the storms and what we can expect from them. >> the heat and humidity couple of the ingredients and it's just the right time of day to support these strong thunderstorms as they move through. we have seen some reports of these storms moving as fast as 75 miles an hour.
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it's extremely unusual. that's why in our threat tracker, the threat of high winds and damaging winds is so much higher than everything else. there's a lot of lightning with some of these storms. the heavy rain less of a threat just because everything is moving so quickly. these are the reports of strong winds or wind damage during the day today. we have seen a number of reports in western pennsylvania, western new york state. we will continue to track them one in the poconos here. we have a tree down near route 447. that is in monroe county. the future cast showing that by 5:00 that line of storms that sheena was showing you gets closer and closer to the philadelphia area. tremendous rains, lots of lightning and again, the strong gusty potentially damaging winds. by 7:00 things are moving pretty far to the south down by atlantic city and into dover. we will talk more about the timing of this and what to expect for the rest of the week.
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big changes with the seven day in a few minutes. well this is what the storms did before coming to our area. severe weather overnight in cleveland left a soggy mess. thousands were left without power. heavy rain caused major traffic problems on i-90. the same storm system spawned a tornado about 60 miles outside chicago. at least seven people were hurt many are still in shelters now, their homes wiped out. the national weather service is looking at damage in michigan to see if a tornado touched down there as well. one person was hurt after a camper rolled over. >> the heat's a factor in a child's death to our south. a baltimore man facing murder and child abuse charges. police say he passed out drinking on father's day and left his 2-year-old daughter to die in a hot car. wilbur carter allegedly told police he woke up monday afternoon and didn't remember where his car was parked or where he left his daughter.
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>> he's walking down the street crying, he's got a little kid in his hand a lady comes out the house or walks down the street and they just start screaming. >> the toddler was left in that car more than 17 hours. she died from second degree burns. count on nbc 10 news and the first alert weather team to keep tracking the steamy and stormy conditions in our area. glenn and sheena will be on tv for the next few hours. to get the latest any time on twitter and the nbc 10 news app. the vatican is setting the stage for another round of debate on hot button topics. catholic church leaders revealed the working document for its october meeting on families. the document released today doesn't break any new ground on key issues and that has disappointed many but it says there is quote, common agreement about a need to offer divorce and remarried catholics a way to reintegrate into the church. the document says gay catholics should be respected and welcome but says nothing about same sex
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marriage. pope francis will be the main attraction during his september visit to philadelphia but he won't be the only famous face here. italian tenor andrea bocelli will be among the acts performing during the papal visit. that's not all. colombian singer and the philadelphia orchestra will also perform. the announcement came today from the vatican where a philadelphia delegation is meeting with church leaders to finalize the pope's visit to our area. nbc 10's chris cato is at the vatican to tell us more about the music. >> reporter: the organizers for the world meeting of families this morning announced at least some of the musical acts for the big festival of families that wraps up the world meeting on september 26th on the parkway, two big international singing stars will headline that. the italian tenor andrea bocelli along with a latin american superstar juanis and also at the global event, the philadelphia
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orchestra will serve as house band, backing up bocelli on some songs and a big honor for the philadelphia orchestra sunday they will perform the worship music for the pope's mass on the parkway. organizers say some other high profile names will be added to the list in the next few weeks. we'll wait and see. chris cato, nbc 10 news. these young painters are creating a work of art especially for the pope's visit. the philadelphia mural arts program hosted a community paint day in camden. great idea. today, students from st. joseph elementary school and members of the joseph fund ministries took turns painting panels of the mural. >> this project is going to be painted by people connected to eight parishes then we will be working at the convention center. really i think 20,000 30,000 people ultimately could be working on this project so it is art made by everyone. >> jane golden does great work.
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the mural is entitled the sacred now faith and family in the 21st century will be made up of 153 individual panels. count on nbc 10 news to continue our live coverage of the preparation for the papal visit. we expect more big announcements. as soon as we learn more we will share them with you on our nbc 10 news app. sky force 10 over breaking news in north philadelphia right now. police are investigating a deadly double shooting here. nbc 10 has learned one of the men died at the scene on west styles street. the other man was shot in the leg. emergency crews took him to hahnemann hospital. you see police officers on the crime there and the crime scene tape. no arrests have been made. a busy allentown street is shut down now. a water main break created this massive sinkhole. all lanes of lehigh street near downyflake lane are closed. the nearby health lab is without water while crews make repairs.
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20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a teenaged girl molested inside a local grocery store. >> police say it was a store employee who assaulted the girl. nbc 10's keith jones live in the digital operations center. >> i know you have reaction from the owner of the store who shared surveillance video of the crime as it happened? >> reporter: that's right. the video shocked even the owner. the guy accused of this crime has children of his own. a teenaged girl accused polanco of assaulting her. he had only worked at the small market for a few months. the owner of the market let us look at the surveillance video today. we edited this so you can't see the alleged crime but you can see polanco standing in the corner. he backs off as other customers walks in. most of the time his attention is on the teen girl who is buying groceries. the owner of the store calls this scary, especially considering his own niece works there. >> when i saw the video, i just
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said oh, my god. i never seen him do that. he has a daughter. >> reporter: the teenaged girl identified polanco to police. they say he turned himself in. now he's charged with contact with a minor, corruption of minors and indecent assault. police say they do not think there are other victims out there. keith jones, nbc 10 news. fire raced through two row homes in trenton this afternoon. sky force 10 over the scene here. firefighters were able to put out the flames before they spread to more homes. no one was hurt. police say a police chase started as a purse snatching. hamilton township police say someone grabbed a woman's purse in an acme parking lot. they put out an alert to other police in the area. officers in lawrence township spotted a car matching the description, tried stopping it but ended up chasing it as far as southampton and the boulevard. two people were taken into custody. new information in the death of a south jersey boy hit by a police cruiser.
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his mother is now taking legal action. 10-year-old matthew mccloskey was hit and killed as he tried to cross a street in franklin township last december. now his mother is suing gloucester county, the state department of transportation and the officer for more than $1 million. police say the officer was responding to a call but did not have lights or sirens on when he hit the boy. the officer was never charged. from our nbc 10 news delaware bureau, governor jack markell signed a bill to expand access to medical marijuana. it's known as riley's law, named for a rehoboth beach 9-year-old who suffered from seizures. the law adds intractable epilepsy to the list of conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana. it also allows people under 18 to have access to medical marijuana oil with a doctor's prescription. the oil does not contain enough active ingredients to get someone high. >> it's helping not just children like riley but helping future generations of children.
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to make sure that delaware continues to be first in providing the best in medical care. >> the state house of representatives unanimously approved the bill earlier this month. nbc 10 recently took you inside the first state compassion center in wilmington. it opens friday. it is heavily guarded. so far about 450 people in delaware have gotten state cards allowing them to buy marijuana grown here. to get the card a delaware-based doctor has to sign a form for patients. those patients must have hiv/aids cancer alzheimer's, m.s. or chronic debilitating pain. in our region medical marijuana is legal in delaware and new jersey. the cost for a medical card in delaware is $125. in new jersey you will pay $200 for medical marijuana. it is not legal in pennsylvania. from our jersey shore bureau a whale that washed up on delaware beach bay could not be saved. the whale weighed about 2100 pounds. it washed ashore late saturday.
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the marine mammal stranding center says the young whale had been away from its mother for quite some time and they believe starvation was a major factor in its death. experts say it's very unusual to stee a miki whale so far up the bay. it's the second that's washed ashore and died. developing in south carolina this afternoon, state law makers are taking up the issue of removing the confederate flag from the state house grounds. the governor and other state leaders say that flag has to go after the alleged racially motivated murders of nine african-american worshippers at the emanuel a.m.e. church last week. nbc 10 national correspondent chris clackum has the latest developments. >> reporter: at the foot of the south carolina state capitol a call to remove the confederate battle flag from its grounds. >> we just want this flag down. >> reporter: a growing push gaining momentum. >> our job is to make them never forget what they promised. we did come to take it down.
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>> roll call is required. >> reporter: inside the capitol, state law makers who will ultimately vote on whether to remove the flag debated the issue. outside, arguments flared. >> the american flag has killed more people. >> reporter: one flag meaning different things to different people. for some it's about honoring ancestors who fought in the civil war. >> that flag he fought for. he thought enough of it so i'm fighting for it. it's my heritage. >> reporter: for others it represents a painful past. >> that confederate flag that flies in front of the state house is certainly a racist symbol. >> reporter: the issue ignited after pictures surfaced showing the man accused of killing nine people last week in charleston's emanuel a.m.e. church posing with the flag. >> we are asking lord that they bring the flag down. we are asking that nine lives will not have been lost in vain.
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>> reporter: as the state grapples with an issue that has raged since the flag was first raised on the capitol grounds more than 50 years ago. opponents are optimistic the confederate flag will be removed from the state house grounds here in columbia by august at the latest. nbc news columbia south carolina. >> company officials of ebay say the flag has become a symbol of quote, deviceivisiveness and racism. the merchandise is not sold in sears or kmart stores either but the retailer was allowing third party items to sell the items on those stores are following walmart's lead. the arkansas based retailer says it is removing all confederate items from its stores and website, saying quote, we never want to offend anyone with the products we offer. nbc 10's coverage of the confederate flag controversy continues. all new this afternoon in our second half hour we talk to
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local people right here in our region who proudly display that flag. they explain their reasons minutes away. new information now on the baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray back in april. all six officers have pleaded not guilty in that case. baltimore city state's attorney marilyn moessey says the defendants entered their pleas today and the prosecutors look forward to trying the case in october. among the officers charged, edward niro who was a firefighter in gloucester county for a decade before joining the force in baltimore. gray died april 19th one week after suffering a severe spinal cord injury in police custody. the officers face charges ranging from second degree assault to second degree murder. now to an nbc news exclusive. the husband of the woman charged with helping the two killers escape from a new york prison spoke publicly for the first time. >> when did you finally ask her point blank, face to face?
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>> that night on the way home. >> you say did you help these two prisoners escape? >> i said how can it happen. she said i was scared. >> lyle mitchell spoke with nbc's matt lauer. he said he had no idea his wife joyce was involved in helping the inmates escape. joyce mitchell is accused of giving fugitives richard matt and david sweat tools to help them escape from prison june 6th and the search continues for matt and sweat in northern new york. investigators removed several items from a remote hunting cabin about 20 miles west of the prison. officials will run more dna tests on the items. two men are admitting taking part in a rock throwing incident that badly injured an ohio teacher on interstate 80 last year. a judge said during a hearing today he will announce whether he's accepting the plea deals at sentencing for the two. the attack left sharon budd of uniontown, ohio with severe head injuries. you likely remember this.
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actor dick van patten died this morning of complications from diabetes. he starred in "eight is enough." his career spanned both the small and big screen as well as broadway. he was 86 years old. new england patriots quarterback tom brady is at nfl headquarters in new york city appealing his suspension right now. that meeting going on at this hour. brady is suspended for four games for his role in the so-called deflategate scandal. he and representatives from the nfl players union are meeting with commissioner roger goodell who is hearing that appeal. the patriots were also fined $1 million and docked two draft picks for using underinflated footballs during the afc championship game. first alert weather is tracking severe storms heading this way right now. this is a look at harrisburg. can't really see a whole lot
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because it is raining and it is stormy. that is moving this way. we do have a first alert day out there for the combination of the heat which we have already seen officially a heat wave and severe thunderstorms. the main threat damaging winds. we have already seen a report of damaging winds in the poconos, for example. even the first storms that have come through. so there may be heavy rain but it won't last long enough. the lightning threat is pretty significant. there's a lot of lightning. but the biggest threat is the high wind. strong winds out there. you can see the camera shaking just from the regular winds, sustained winds, 21 miles an hour gusting to 25. 94 degrees, it feels like 100 in philadelphia right now. it's in the 80s to the north and west and we will be even cooler when the rain starts. it's in the 90s across much of the rest of the area little
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cooler at the shore. the first alert thunderstorm warning has been issued for berks county until 5:00 this afternoon. these storms are capable of producing wind gusts of 60 plus miles an hour. you can see this big cluster. it's moving straight to the east just as expected now moving into berks county moving through lancaster county and eventually it will cover a good bit of our area. look at all of that lightning. it's just now getting into berks county. we will track it to the east. reading at about 4:30 warminster about 5:34. bensalem at 5:48 if it continues at that present course. when they are moving that fast they don't generally make right or left turns. they move in a straight line. you see behind it there really isn't anything so as soon as this line goes through, that should be the end of rain for the night. severe thunderstorm watch in the philadelphia area north ward until 7:00 tonight and a new
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severe thunderstorm watch has just been issued that covers all of delaware and the rest of south jersey that goes until 11:00 tonight. thas line of storms continues to move to the south. we continue to track any damage reports. we have a new report just near harrisburg right now. we will see more of those popping up live as it happens during the rest of the afternoon. as we go through the afternoon and evening, that line is coming down through the philadelphia area into delaware into south jersey. you can see it drying up behind it so it's going to be something that lasts maybe for an hour hits real hard and then it's out of here. tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day. the storms spread north to south. 70 for the low in philadelphia 62 north and west during the day tomorrow. sunny, it will be kind of warm but much less humid than today and no showers or storms around. the seven-day forecast rain comes in thursday night and then
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we are stuck in a wet pattern. chance of showers on friday and the weekend, not looking so hot. rainy and chilly both saturday and sunday especially in delaware and south jersey. is @a simit a symbol of hate or history? >> that question is sparking debate in our region and across the country. >> we are in the 2000s. get over it already. let it go. >> the confederate controversy. nbc 10 travels to one local town where some are defending the stars and bars and their right to display it. a victory for victims. nbc 10 investigators with new information on the money that's supposed to be going to local crime victims and developments that could provide extra help for them. i never had a problem. >> dangerous denim. why a certain type of figure-flattering jeans could be bad for your health.
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count on nbc 10 news and first alert weather to keep you informed about the summer storms coming right at us. we have a team of meteorologists closely monitoring these storms as well as the potential impact on our region. american airlines cut the ribbon on two storage cargo facilities today, basically a huge refrigeration building that will be used to store pharmaceutical and health care cargo at the airport. from the nbc 10 news delaware bureau commuter trains from maryland may come to the first state. m.a.r.k. is maryland's commuter rail line which runs from washington, d.c. to perryville maryland but transit officials are thinking about extending service as far north as wilmington. right now, it's only a possibility. service could begin in about three years. back to our top story now.
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>> it is a first alert weather day. here's the reason why. fast-moving summer storms racing across pennsylvania right now heading in our direction on this hot, steamy day. glenn and sheena? >> there's already been some damage that's been reported. >> we are using the latest weather technology to track the storms and when they will have an impact where you live. >> our updated forecast is minutes away. also new at 4:30 help on the way. they paid for their crimes, literally. now the nbc 10 investigators uncover new efforts to make sure money from criminals gets into the hands of victims.f'ñ ahead on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" a sleeping scare. neighbors in bucks county are on alert after a string of break-ins. we will hear from victims who woke up to burglars in their homes.
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right now at 4:30 look at this. first alert weather technology tracking fast-moving summer storms making their way through our area. storm force 10 on patrol looking for those storms and their impact on local neighborhoods and the afternoon commute. no sign of any rain from storm force 10 yet but nbc 10's harry hairston on board says they're just outside pottstown and the skies are starting to look pretty gloomy. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen has been tracking the storms all afternoon. >> give us an update on the locations of the storms. >> well the main area of storms we are watching now is mostly in lancaster and berks counties. here's a look at the radar. most of us still on the hot, steamy side but in berks county we are seeing one severe storm, this severe thunderstorm warning until 5:00 this afternoon. this storm could be providing winds near 60 miles an hour. we have been seeing reports of hail with a line of these storms
4:30 pm
and also lightning, brief heavy rain. you can see it right over center right across 78 in berks county. reading seeing quite a bit of rain too. this storm is tracking to the east mainly around 35 miles an hour. it will be near exeter 4:37 pottstown 5:32 and limerick by 5:15. aside from this we have storms in lancaster county and even farther off to the west. 652 lightning strikes only in the past 15 minutes with this line of storms and it is continuing to move to the east which would put it in our area as we go through the rest of the afternoon. more storms back to the west moving in this direction and these do have potential of being severe. they have a history of being severe. as far as the severe thunderstorm watch is concerned, most of the area stays under that until 7:00 p.m. the extension now is south jersey and delaware. now there's a watch out for these areas until 11:00 tonight. the threat would be 60 mile an hour winds, lightning, brief heavy rain and also the potential for hail. we will be watching this very
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closely. the first alert is still out for the rest of today because of this heat wave. it's still in the 90s through most of the area. severe storms tonight and again, the biggest threat being damaging winds. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is standing by with a closer look at the storms and what we can expect from them. >> every severe weather situation is different. some have bigger threats of flooding, some have bigger threats of hail. this particular one has the biggest threat in the winds because there is so much wind high up in the atmosphere and it's not going to take much when you get a thunderstorm, to bring some of that wind down to the surface. we are going to get heavy rain but the threat of flooding from heavy rain is lower because of the fact that they are not going to be lasting a real long time. again, the wind threat is the main one. you see these symbols out here all wind reports. winds of well over 50 miles an hour and some damage. but in harrisburg, the latest report, this is one inch hail in
4:32 pm
cumberland county so we'll notice that kind of threat as well. now, the future cast showing that that line that is up here now, it shifts down so the threat from allentown northward is really diminished. it would come from philadelphia and down through parts of delaware and into south jersey. now, this is now moving into 95 degree air. up to the north and west it's 88 degree air. this has a chance to actually intensify over the next couple hours rather than weaken. we will talk more about the timing on this and the rest of the seven-day in a few minutes. >> of course count on nbc 10 news and first alert weather to bring you the latest on these storms as they move across our region. track them in realtime using the nbc 10 news app right on your smartphones or tablets. look at this. water shooting from a pair of
4:33 pm
fire hydrants this morning in southwest philadelphia. sky force 10 over the scene near 78th street as fire crews arrive to turn them off. not clear why the hydrants opened or what caused them to open. right now, a man facing charges in the death of his girlfriend. yesterday police arrested jarrell hall charging him with murder. last wednesday, brittany green was found stabbed to death in a home on warnock street. her children were in the home when it happened. police knew they were looking for green's boyfriend and the father of her children. police told us last week after hall killed green he went to his mother's house and confessed. that's when his mother called police. united states senator pat toomey is proposing a fix to the national crime victims fund. >> this comes weeks after the nbc 10 investigators exposed millions meant for crime victims spent on congressional pet projects. mitch blacher found this affects
4:34 pm
victims from battered women to sexually abused children. >> reporter: the national crime victims fund has collected billions from criminals. its restitution and fines meant to help victims and meant to help child advocates like those at mission kids child advocacy center in montgomery county. >> we get about $40,000 from the crime victims fund. >> reporter: is that enough? >> in my opinion that is not enough. >> reporter: abby newman runs the center one of 23 in pennsylvania. the nonprofit is a state place for sexually or physically abused children to tell their stories. this is the place where money from the crime victims fund is supposed to go but as the nbc 10 investigators first told you, congress capped how much of the money is released. we also showed you how what's left over can be used on things like a grammy museum and premium linkedin accounts at the department of justice. >> you are putting a spotlight on the issue, it absolutely helps because most people are not aware of it. most people have no idea that this money that is meant to go from criminals to the victims of
4:35 pm
crimes is in fact being diverted elsewhere. people don't realize that. >> reporter: senator pat toomey has introduced the fairness for crime victims act. it releases more of the money to crime victims. >> there will be no more opportunity for congress to play any games, no more opportunity to divert this money elsewhere. none of the gimmicks. that will be done. >> reporter: in montgomery county it takes three quarters of a million dollars a year to run mission kids. toomey's bill would mean an extra $80,000 for the center. >> the only way to stop child abuse is to go out into the community and talk about it and to educate people. we don't have money for that. >> reporter: the vote on the act will come wednesday. if it does become law, crime victims in pennsylvania would see an extra $52 million. in new jersey they would see an extra $37 million and in delaware nearly $4 million. i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. police say they arrested two men responsible for a home
4:36 pm
invasion early this morning in west philadelphia. we were there as police arrested one of the men. police say the two broke in around 5:00 this morning at a home on ludlow near 44th. police found one guy hiding in a bush. the other inside a nearby apartment. three cars collided in a violent crash this morning. cheltenham avenue was blocked off at broad street while the wreckage was cleared. three people were hurt. police are still investigating how this happened. police in brick township ocean county say a pair of thieves stole a tire to fix their own flat. the suspects were allegedly stranded at the wawa on brick boulevard early this morning. police say powell and booker walked to the nearby lions head north development and took a tire from a car similar to their hyundai sonata. they are facing burglary and theft charges. it is the talk of the land. >> and it has people divided. both pride and prejudice surround the confederate flag
4:37 pm
days after a church massacre in the south. today the local people who say it should have a proper place on display in our communities. and next a jolt from your jeans? the fashion that some experts say could leave women in pain. then a church divided. what the vatican did today that's raising new questions for gay and divorced catholics.
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you have probably heard the saying beauty is pain. there's a new warning tonight from doctors about the jeans that you may be wearing. a woman in australia was sent to the hospital after wearing skinny jeans. doctors say she was experiencing muscle damage swelling and nerve blockages in her legs while wearing the tight-fitting pants. the woman had spent most of the day helping someone move squatting for long periods of time in these jeans. >> the lady was doing all of the squatting, the muscles started to get damaged and it started to
4:41 pm
swell up. >> you would think if the jeans were hurting you would take them off but not the case in this indication. >> clearly they were too tight. >> after being treated for days and having her jeans cut off, the woman still had some weakness in her legs but walked out of the hospital and later fully recovered. doctors say to avoid prolonged periods of squatting when wearing tight jeans. >> or just don't wear them. this doesn't look like your typical meeting of city and town leaders right here but this is what the pennsylvania municipal league's convention is like. getting out in the community and helping to make theit a better place. this year's meeting is in allentown. we spoke to the mayor to see what having this meeting was like for the first time in 25 years. >> to get all the mayors to come here, see what's happening in allentown and for us to take pride in what we have been able
4:42 pm
to do rebuilding the urban core of the city. >> hundreds of volunteers from across the state were helping build this playground at jordan park. philadelphia mayor michael nutter is president of the p.a. municipal league but couldn't make the convention because he's in rome at the moment. nbc 10 and first alert weather tracking summer storms. >> they have the potential to be severe. our weather technology pinpointing the exact location of these storms. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking them right now. glenn? >> they are impressive and there has already been some reports of damage. i will tell you if the storms will impact where you live in my updated storm forecast.
4:43 pm
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if you can't be at the shore, bring the beach to center city. peco's popup beach is taking over dilworth park with live music, games, free gelato and this giant beach ball.
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there may not be any sand but the beach chairs will help you kick back and relax. clean it up. that's the message from leaders in delaware to the norfolk southern railway corporation. it needs to clean up what's known as the twelfth street dump site in wilmington. state leaders say other agencies have been cooperative when it comes to cleaning up the area but norfolk southern just hasn't been. storm force 10 is live along burke street in pottstown, starting to see the first batches of rain with the storms that are heading in from the west. let me show you what they are about to run into. this is pottstown right here. they're in the lighter rain about to go into somewhat heavier rain. this is not a huge storm. it's less than an inch per hour we've seen much stronger storms on the map. we continue to have the first
4:47 pm
alert weather day, a heat wave some severe storms and damaging winds are quite possible before this is all over with. the threat tracker shows some threat of some heavy rain produced flooding lightning, fair amount of lightning strikes. the biggest threat is the high wind. we have even seen some reports of hail. right now, the camera's shaking a little there in philadelphia 94 degrees. 21 mile an hour wind. feels like 100. there's 94 in philadelphia, okay? reading, 85. allentown, 89. it's not as hot where those storms are. so there's more energy for the storms to intensify from philly southward. that where's we will be watching. still 94 across central and southern delaware. the severe thunderstorm watch for those northern counties continues until 7:00. delaware and extreme south jersey, it continues until 11:00. we have a new severe thunderstorm warning in yellow
4:48 pm
includes parts of berks county and upper montgomery county and a little portion of chester county. this of course is the main action. it's a line that continues to trek a little bit toward the southeast. the individual storms are racing to the east so it's a bit of a combination of trying to figure out where these things are going but it's near lancaster now and is about to be going into parts of chester county the southern portion of berks county. there's upper montgomery county. you can see the worst of the lightning is in the western side. over 400 lightning strikes just in this area in just a 15-minute period. that's pretty active. there's really nothing behind it so once this line moves through, that's going to be the end of it. we continue to monitor reports of strong winds in these green colors. these colors are reports of hail right around the harrisburg area. this one's about one inch
4:49 pm
diameter hail as well. by 6:00 future cast showing that line that's up here now swings down to the south. the part here in ocean county burlington county, may be exaggerated because as you saw, the eastern portion of that line is not as strong. but watch out for delaware and extreme south jersey as that line comes down. they're talking about 95 degree air with extreme high humidity so those storms aren't going to be weakening. the storms spread north to south. 72 in philadelphia 60 north and west. tomorrow sunny and warm but much less wind or much less humidity than what we saw today. and less wind. rain comes in thursday night and we are in that wet pattern. we got a chance of showers on friday and it's cooler then the weekend, well, we got some trouble in river city. we have wind coming in off the ocean, we have a storm going by to our south and so some parts
4:50 pm
of the area at least are going to be getting pretty heavy rain and just about everybody's going to be unseasonably cool over the weekend. >> thank you, glenn. it's the red, white and blue that has some people just seeing red. >> they say it's time for a change. >> the charleston south carolina church shootings have sparked a confederate flag controversy across the country. some businesses are taking down that symbol. here in south jersey some people say you are tampering with history.
4:51 pm
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big question is it a symbol of hate or is it history? >> days after a church massacre in south carolina it was allegedly inspired by racism and hatred, efforts to remove the
4:54 pm
confederate flag from government buildings and store shelves really picking up momentum. today we traveled to one spot in south jersey where some proudly fly and defend this flag. nbc 10's jesse gary spoke to them. >> reporter: for more than 50 miles from the mason-dixon line but in many respects we already crossed over into the south. not far from where i'm standing a monument to the thousands of confederate war dead buried, and people defending the rebels and their flag. >> like i said, i grew up with this being my history. >> reporter: april taylor and her family have the south running through their veins. since childhood the cumberland county native has come to this fort mott memorial for civil war confederate shoeldoldiers. to the right, a confederate flag still flies. she says it represents our collective heritage not meant to hurt. >> you had slavery. now we're in the 2000s. get over it already. let it go. >> reporter: letting go easier said than done.
4:55 pm
following the south carolina racially motivated church massacre, the governor of that state says it's time for the stars and bars to move from the capitol ground. that push for progress based on a partial link between race hatred and the confederate flag. >> i can see where it could definitely cause people hurt. but it's history. >> reporter: while many businesses are removing the symbol a confederate flag sticker is still on display at geno's steaks in south philadelphia. we asked management why but were told to talk to the g.m. tomorrow. shortly after someone did try to cover the sticker. the taylors say concealing the confederate flag does more harm. >> it's a crime. you are going to raise one flag and take down another one? no. i don't think it's right at all. >> reporter: her belief so strong, april foster says her next tattoo on her left forearm will be a confederate flag wrapped by old glory.
4:56 pm
in pennsville jesse gary nbc 10 news. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" is next. >> here are jacqueline and keith. >> we are tracking storms. the nbc 10 first alert weather team is keeping an eye on the radar. sheena? >> that's right. we have some severe storms across the area right now and they will continue moving in for the rest of the afternoon and evening. coming up i have extensions on the severe thunderstorm watch through the area and i will track the timing for you. plus neighbors in bucks county got quite the scare while they were sleeping. a community is on alert over a serous series of break-ins. changing the church. why some are disappointed with the vatican's latest stance on gay and divorced catholics.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
we begin with a live look at nbc 10 radar. you can see a lot of activity moving into our area and that could bring severe storms. let's take a live look at conditions in pottstown, montgomery county. you see storm force 10 out there tracking these storms. we are dealing with this heat as well. >> our nbc 10 first alert meteorologists are here to bring you the latest. let's first go to sheena parveen. >> we have severe storms across the area right now and more on the way. live look at the radar shows them mostly north and west of philadelphia, moving into upper
5:00 pm
montgomery and bucks county also parts of chester county. you see it across 176 into berks county as well. severe thunderstorm warning here until 5:45 this afternoon. there you see off to our west on the edge of the screen in lancaster county lot of lightning. the red coloring that shows us very heavy rain and wind possibly near 60 miles an hour and the potential for hail. now, this whole storm system is moving to the east around 35 miles an hour so limerick you should see it around 5:15. upper providence 5:23. lower providence, 5:33. norristown 5:47. heavy rain a lot of lightning and damaging winds. lightning strikes, about 625 only in the past 15 minutes. you see how far west this whole line extends. it is a severe line of storms bringing damaging winds. lancaster county right now seeing that. also, in maryland we are seeing these storms really starting to come together as they move in this direction. so again, these


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